What is FXG? One can learn more by reading its names. FXG stands respectively for German and Chinese: Fernweh, Xi Gu (西顾). Fernweh is a romantic expression for the “farsickness” – longing for far-off and unknown places, word similar to the “wanderlust”. Xi Gu is a poetic and emotional expression meaning “to look west”. It can be understood as looking back or missing something that we know. These two match perfectly with the FXG slogan: Capturing Reality (Xi Gu) Creating Realities (Fernweh). It also names what FXG does as a company – capture and create VR content. As the cofounder and the Archicreator at FXG, Baiwei ensures that things go artistic way.

Logo of the company personified itself into a mysterious character called Fredrik Xylophen Glisscot. It is a source of inspiration and an important part of company’s culture.